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Calculus Capital featured in The Sunday Times

Calculus Capital was featured in The Sunday Times. Susan McDonald at Calculus Capital, an EIS provider, said “You are able to defer CGT liability and such deferral is unlimited, meaning you can avoid the 28% charge. If held until death, the CGHT gain will never be taxed and the proceeds will pass into the deceased’s … Continued

EISs celebrate lack of bank funding

Susan McDonald, Chairman, Calculus Capital was quoted in the FT Adviser. ‘Ms McDonald, chairman of Calculus, said the quality of companies seeking EIS funding is the highest it has been for years, largely because smaller businesses are finding it difficult to secure funding from banks. There are many good companies that are already profitable or … Continued

10 last-minute tips to cut your tax bill – Daily Telegraph

Susan McDonald, the chairman of Calculus Capital, was quoted in The Daily Telegraph: “EIS funds are an obvious choice for those paying 40% or more income tax; furthermore EIS investment is not subject to CGT and IHT. Since the amount that can be invested tax efficiently in a pension wrapper each year has been slashed (from £255,000 … Continued