We are updating our terms

Please review this notice and the updated terms below in their entirety to familiarise yourself with the upcoming changes. These updated terms will be effective and binding as of October 2022. No further action is required on your part. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: 020 7493 4940 [email protected]

Consumer Duty and Financial Promotion Restrictions:

When applying for an EIS, the investor will be required to wait for a 24 hour cooling off period before requesting financial promotion documentation and submitting an application. Calculus will be able to proceed with KYC/AML and appropriateness assessment during the 24 hours.

Risk Warnings: A standard risk warning will be included on all financial promotions to reiterate that EIS is a high risk investment and to link back to the key risks of the product.


Please note we will be discontinuing the practice of seeking a separate, voluntary audit for our EIS funds and investments, now that almost all companies within the portfolios are subject to audit by BDO LLP as part of the Calculus VCT portfolio. This has been done to streamline our administrative process and bring our older EIS Funds into line with newer EIS Funds, also to avoid the incurrence of double costs and free up our investment team to focus on core activities.

Online Application Process:

Calculus is launching an online application process for the EIS and will now be able to accept a signature on DocuSign.