Calculus Capital is to waive initial fees on its VCT until 5th April 2022, making it one of the most attractive in the current marketplace.

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Most providers charge “promoter fees” of between 3% and 5% and Calculus will waive this fee if a subscription is made before 5th April 2022.

The Calculus VCT, which invests alongside Calculus EIS funds, is aiming to deliver an annual dividend of 4.5% of NAV. VCT investments attract 30% income tax relief if held for five years. Dividends are tax free too, and there is no capital gains tax on the sale of shares.

The Calculus VCT offers investors a diversified portfolio of companies across three main sectors – technology, healthcare and media. Investors can commit from £5,000 to £200,000.

Calculus, which is looking to raise £10 million with an over allotment facility of £5 million, has only ever invested in growth companies and has an exciting investment pipeline.

After 05 April Calculus’s normal fees will apply – 5% for those applying direct, 3% for those applying through a professional adviser.