Calculus Capital portfolio company, Collagen Solutions, saw its share price climb by a third to 3.50p this morning after the company revealed a positive outcome from their ChondroMimetic implants study.

ChondroMimetic is a product intended for regeneration of cartilage in knees. Cartilage therapy often sees early results after 2 years, however, long term results are less promising and longer term products are less common and often prohibitively expensive. The team are delighted with the results which were from an 8 year study showing regeneration of cartilage over a long and sustainable time period.

Video: Jamal Rushdy, chief executive of Collagen Solutions, discusses the results of the study

[youtube id=”tOtQZeKfbRc”]

“The long-term quantitative MRI data of cartilage repair volume and tissue quality in patients who were treated with ChondroMimetic are extremely attractive”

– Dr Alan Getgood, orthopaedic surgeon involved in ChondroMimetic’s early development

The story has been featured in proactive investors, find a link to the full article below.

“The regenerative medtech said the study leaves ChondroMimetic positioned as “the only minimally invasive, cost-effective, single-stage treatment that fits within surgeons’ current surgical techniques for smaller cartilage defects with eight-year clinical effectiveness and repair quality data”.

With more than a million surgical procedures taking place each year in the US and Europe to treat cartilage defects of the knee, the market for ChondroMimetic is enormous; Collagen reckons at least 30-40% of these operations would be suitable for ChondroMimetic.”

“This compelling data is a significant achievement in the decades-long effort by clinicians and scientists to develop a cost-effective and clinically effective treatment for these types of cartilage defects. We have illustrated the commercial opportunities with the announcement of an agreement with our South Korean partner in December last year. We look forward to announcing further key milestones including the granting of the CE Mark over the next few months”

– Jamal Rushdy, the chief executive officer of Collagen

Read the study in full here.

Read the article in full here.