Benzene – Measurement of ppb levels accurately in real time.

The DV3000 gas analyser from Duvas Technologies can detect 15 compounds simultaneously to low ppb levels in fixed or transportable applications. Benzene can be directly measured instantly with no cross sensitivity issues.

Exposure to benzene has been shown to cause bone marrow damage which can lead to acute myeloid leukaemia (AML)1. There is also evidence that exposure to benzene can cause damage to the reproductive organs1.
Many techniques have been used to measure total hydrocarbon levels, measurement of benzene against a background of other BTEX gases is much more difficult. This difficulty in measurement has meant there has been a reluctance to reduce allowable levels of benzene in the atmosphere. The current long and short term exposure levels can be seen as a direct result of the lack of simple to use techniques capable of accurately measuring lower concentration levels.
The World Health Organisation have stated that “Benzene is carcinogenic to humans and no safe level of exposure can be recommended”.

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