As part of our ‘Spotlight On’ series, we focus on AnTech a specialist engineering company in the oil and gas industry.

AnTech Limited has two different businesses: manufacturing products for use mainly in oil and gas production (as opposed to drilling) and providing directional coil drilling services.

AnTech’s Products Division supplies high specification customised and standard products; its largest products are technically advanced Well Head Outlets. Sales have declined materially in recent years because of pressure on its customers from the low oil price. However, in 2017, sales stabilised before increasing in the second half of the year. The current order book is stronger than it has been for several years.

Its Coiled Tube Drilling Services Division has developed a new generation of directional drilling tools which transforms the manner and efficiency with which oil and gas wells can be drilled with coiled tubing. These tools, COLT and POLARIS, are effective for interventions in existing wells to enhance production yield and extend well life.

As well as extensive testing, these tools have been used twice commercially with good results, although additional successful projects are vital. Further commercialisation has been delayed by low oil prices, but drilling is expected during 2018 in North America and Saudi Arabia (which was originally contracted for 2016).

Despite the low oil price in recent years and consequent losses, Antech has managed its cash resources well and is now optimistic on the prospects for both of its businesses.

The below video showcases their people, technology, products and CTD services; exploring the departments and experiencing the full journey right from design through to installation and deployment.

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