As part of our ‘Spotlight On’ series, we focus on Axol Bioscience, a company who provides human cell culture systems for medical research, disease modelling and drug development.

Axol Bioscience supplies high quality human cells, both healthy and diseased, to many of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies and best known research institutions.

Axol generates stem cells from blood and skin cells, extracted from healthy and diseased patients. These stem cells can then be changed into any tissue in the human body, such as brain or heart cells. Importantly, Axol’s unique and innovative approach to this process means that each cell line will be identical to the last production batch, ensuring the quality and consistency required for research and drug development projects is maintained. The cells supplied by Axol are hugely important for research into treatments for many serious diseases, including Alzeihmer’s and Huntingdon’s. Once a new cell line is developed from a healthy or diseased individual, it is added to Axol’s library of products which can be purchased via Axol’s website.

Our short video features Axol CEO Yichen Shi and Calculus Capital Investment Director Alexandra Lindsay.

[youtube id=”4gr9aPhq6g8″]