Calculus Capital’s portfolio company Scancell (Scancell Holdings Plc) receives European patent protection for its DNA ImmunoBody technology.  Both The Independent and The Telegraph have featured articles on the good news from the British immunology company.

Scancell LogoThe prospect of cancer vaccine moved a step closer on Wednesday after a pioneering British firm announced it had secured a European patent for an injection that can prevent tumours forming and attack those that have already grown.

AIM-listed Scancell’s technology uses the body’s own T cells, which live within white blood cells, to attack and kill malignant tumours as if they were a virus.The technique, known as immuno-oncology is believed to have the potential to revolutionise cancer treatment.

In clinical trials, patients with advanced skin cancer were injected with up to five doses of the vaccine over a six-month period. In addition, some patients are being given long term treatment every three to six months for up to five years.

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