Oxford-based WheelRight’s tyre monitoring technology is being used as part of a US ‘highway of the future’ project.

21 December 2016, Transport Engineer.

The live project covers an 18-mile stretch – dubbed ‘The Ray’ – on interstate 85 from Georgia to Alabama, and aims to demonstrate how US interstates can eliminate deaths, waste and carbon.

WheelRight’s solution is a drive-over technology that measures tread depth and tyre pressure in seconds. The system is in use at The Ray’s visitor centre and is the first publicly available installation of the tyre safety system in the US.

Tyre pressure and tread depth measurements will be provided automatically on all tyres within seconds via a touch-sensitive kiosk that provides a printed read-out to drivers. A air compressor is provided so drivers can adjust tyre pressure before leaving.

John Catling, CEO and founder of WheelRight, says: “While we’ve already road tested our technology on the UK’s busy M6 motorway [pictured], the adoption of our tyre monitoring technology at The Ray opens up this technology to a completely new market of American motorists.

“The opportunity to demonstrate our solution to around 750,000 drivers and passengers every year at The Ray is a great way of spreading the word about our simple, drive-over solution that reads tyre pressures and tread depths with no need for additional sensors on the car.

“All the car needs to do is drive over our embedded strip to receive their tyre readings within seconds via a print-out at a nearby kiosk. We think this kind of cloud-based technology could revolutionise the way people look after their tyres – reducing accidents, costs and carbon emissions.”

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