Tetris Pharma Ltd a subsidiary of biopharmaceutical company, Arecor Therapeutics plc, today announces that it has established an exclusive commercialisation agreement with Goodlife, who will act as sole partner for the import, marketing and distribution of Ogluo® (glucagon prefilled autoinjector pen) in the BeNeLux region.

The Zorginstiuut Nederland (the National Healthcare Institute of The Netherlands) has approved Ogluo® at the requested price on List 1B and Goodlife is expected to launch the product in The Netherlands during H1 2024.

Sarah Howell, Chief Executive Officer at Arecor, said: “Goodlife provides the commercial expertise and detailed understanding of regional market dynamics that are essential for the Company’s continued roll-out of Ogluo® and its market adoption in the BeNeLux region. The upcoming launch in The Netherlands adds to existing markets in the UK, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Norway, as part of the planned on-going pan-European commercial roll-out for this important product.”

Koen Perenboom, Managing Director, Goodlife, said: “With more than a quarter of a million people living with insulin-treated diabetes and at risk of severe hypoglycaemia in The Netherlands, Ogluo is an important treatment option for people with diabetes and their caregivers, that can provide them with the confidence to manage severe hypoglycaemic events. This strategic collaboration with Arecor symbolises our mutual commitment to provide every individual patient excellent care.”

About Ogluo®:

Ogluo® is a ready-to-use, ambiently stored, preparation of glucagon in an auto-injector for patients within the licenced indication living with diabetes suffering from severe hypoglycaemia. Hypoglycaemia is a common and serious complication of diabetes, particularly affecting people with diabetes on insulin treatment. It is characterised by abnormally low blood sugar levels, which can lead to cognitive impairment and in some severe cases, seizures, loss of consciousness, coma and even death. It can have a profound effect on the everyday lives of people with diabetes and their caregivers. The European Commission granted the marketing authorization for Ogluo® on 11 February 2021.