This research programme stems from a collaboration Destiny Pharma has with SporeGen Limited to co-develop SporeGen’s SPOR-COV product as a novel, preventive treatment for COVID-19, influenza and potentially other similar respiratory viral infections. The research has shown that SPOR-COV nasal spray can rapidly stimulate an immune response that primes the human immune system against influenza and coronavirus type viral threats such as COVID-19 in pre-clinical models.

A version available direct to consumers in Vietnam as part of a deal with HURO, enabling human clinical tolerability studies, which are being shared with SporeGen and Destiny Pharma under the strategic agreement.

Neil Clark, Chief Executive Officer of Destiny Pharma, said: “This Innovate UK funded research project has delivered some very exciting data and we are now discussing next steps with our partners. There is still a clear need for better pandemic preparedness for viral infections such as COVID-19 and influenza and the SPOR-COV product and the associated technology has great potential to deliver new treatments that are safe, effective, low cost and easy to use.”