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Exit type:
AIM listing

ActiveOps is a leader in Management Process Automation, providing a SaaS platform to large enterprises with complex and often global back-offices. The company’s software and embedded back-office operations management methodology enables enterprises to adopt a data-driven, scientific approach to organising work and managing capacity.

Calculus invested £4.7m in ActiveOps in 2014. Revenues have grown significantly in that time, from £7m in the year to March 2015, to £20m in the year to March 2020. ActiveOps has built an installed base of approximately 80 customers and over 100,000 individual users across EMEA, North America, APAC and India. Calculus has maintained a seat on the board throughout the last seven years and has supported the company through three acquisitions.

Calculus has exited 75% of the holding at 6x return for investors.