John Glencross, CEO and Founder of Calculus, said: “Energy prices and the cost of goods and services have pushed September’s consumer price inflation back into double digits – the highest it has been for forty years -where it is likely to stay for the rest of the year. After a slight reprieve in August thanks to lower petrol prices, the last quarter of 2022 will continue to see inflation increases in food, energy, and labour as the UK gets to grips with the cost of living amid extreme economic uncertainty.

“The Chancellor’s evisceration of the mini budget has helped calm markets in the short term, but the important and tough financial decisions that must be undertaken in the longer term will undoubtedly hit the pockets of businesses and consumers alike. We were happy to see continued governmental support of the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs), which empower entrepreneurial innovators and gamechangers to grow the UK’s businesses of the future.

“Calculus launched the first approved EIS fund 23 years ago, and we have invaluable experience supporting UK companies in the fastest growing sectors as well as providing innovative and tax efficient venture capital investment products for investors.”