Open Energy Market, Calculus portfolio company and a leading provider of energy procurement services and Net Zero technologies, announces the launch of its ground-breaking proprietary platform, True, which unites an organisation’s real energy procurement costs and Net Zero strategies in one platform. Championing ChangeMakers, True brings project viability, transparency and simplicity to the complex energy world, enabling any user to build stronger financial grade business cases and help their business overcome the hurdles of renewable investment. The newly launched platform unifies teams across sustainability, procurement, finance and operations and arms these ChangeMakers with the ability to make a difference, faster, on the journey to a more sustainable future.

True enables ChangeMakers to

  • Create business cases that win board approval for sustainability projects.
  • Track a business’s progress towards sustainability and net zero goals.
  • Optimise a business’s energy buying strategy to reduce risk, costs and regain budget control.
  • Improve operational efficiencies by eliminating silos and enhancing collaboration.
  • Ensure financial rigour in sustainability investments and effective energy buying.
  • Deliver sustainability business cases based on actual energy costs and forecasts.

Chris Maclean, Chief Executive Officer, Open Energy Market, said: “If we’re to make net zero ambitions accessible to all organisations, a huge amount needs to be done to ensure that sustainability project proposals are based on accurate insights, robust modelling and a deep understanding of market volatility. True offers just that. It is unique in that it provides a foundation of accurate data and insights for stronger sustainability business cases and effective carbon-neutral strategies. Replacing inaccurate conjecture and static spreadsheet modelling, the platform uses holistic, dynamic and bespoke financial modelling. This breakthrough from Open Energy Market builds confidence in decision making, accelerates action and is poised to expedite the journey to net zero.”