Above the Line Productions (a subsidiary of Raindog Films), 101 Studios, Campfire Studios and PZAJ have announced their partnership for a documentary feature on the backdoor dealings and mafia-style tactics plaguing the international governing body, FIFA.

Ged Doherty and Trish D Chetty, of Raindog Films, will serve as part of the film’s producers. The project was initially developed by Trish D Chetty following her award-winning investigations into FIFA corruption at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Meeting Jennings whilst at the ‘Play the Game’ Conference in Denmark in 2013, she discovered they both had a common interest – to expose FIFA for what it really was.

The feature documentary will follow late journalist Andrew Jennings’ investigation into the misconduct and corruption of FIFA’s executive team and members. Jennings’ background in investigative journalism and knowledge of criminology led him to unravel the organization from within. When his research captured the attention of the FBI and U.S. attorney Loretta Lynch, they teamed to reveal further layers of crime which led to multiple arrests and ultimately, the resignation of FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

Raindog Film’s Trish D Chetty added: “Andrew and I shared a desire to expose the corruption which is behind one of the largest sporting organizations on the planet, and I am honoured to be part of continuing the work he did in speaking truth to power – showing both the extent and the ramifications of this corporate juggernaut’s corrupt dealings. There is a stellar team of talent behind this project which I know will do justice to both the magnitude and the intricacies of this story.”