Calculus EIS and VCT portfolio company, Wonderhood, has released a new series which covers the military assisted evacuation from Kabul in 2021, as part of the largest airlift since World War Two. The series consists of three episodes shown over consecutive nights on Channel 4. British military personnel talk through their experience implementing the policy of who qualified to be evacuated, securing Kabul Airport and destroying military equipment left behind.

The first episode, aired on 2 July, to critical acclaim, receiving multiple 5 and 4 star reviews –

The Guardian – 5 stars

“an astonishingly vivid picture of Kabul’s terrifying fall… It’s some of the most shocking TV you will see this year.”

Telegraph – 5 stars 

“an excellent film… in which those involved speak with honesty and clarity about an experience that clearly left an indelible mark.”

The Daily Mail – 5 stars 

“the first of a superb three part documentary…unmissable account…The stories that emerged were breathtaking, both for the matter-of-fact courage shown and for the sheer lack of planning by Western politicians.”

The Times – 4 stars

“James W Newton’s series took you right inside the chaos, providing a gripping blow-by-blow account of the efforts to evacuate British nationals and eligible Afghans… this gut-wrenching series.”

I News – 4 stars 

“Channel 4’s vividly compelling and often horrifying three-part series… This exclusively British eyewitness account brought these terrible events home clearly and forcefully.”