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Calculus - Rotageek

Rotageek uses cloud-based technology and automatic scheduling to help multi-site businesses manage and schedule staff

Calculus - Wonderhood Studios

Wonderhood Studios

Wonderhood is the creative business founded by former Channel 4 CEO David Abraham and senior partners from the TV production and advertising sectors.

Calculus - Invizius


Invizius is a biotechnology company developing treatments to suppress unwanted innate immune responses

Calculus - Arctic Shores

Arctic Shores

Arctic Shores is leading the way to help employers build the diverse, successful workforce of tomorrow.

Calculus backs the innovators, the experts and the game changers across the fastest growing sectors in the UK – technology, healthcare and the creative industries.

We focus on companies driving innovation, advancing healthcare and creating jobs and opportunities throughout the country.

Latest News

Autumn Statement Response

The Statement offered a vote of confidence and recognition of the crucial role EIS and VCT plays in stimulating the flow of capital to early -stage, high growth UK companies and driving greater overall economic expansion.

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Liz Klein: Healthcare investing in a changing landscape

In the ever-evolving realm of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, the intricate dance between innovation and investment shapes the trajectory of ground-breaking discoveries and patient-centric advancements. Deep Dive editor Eloise McLennan sat down with Calculus Capital’s investment director, Liz Klein, to discuss the dynamic world where capital meets compassion.

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