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Calculus Capital is investing in some of the most exciting companies in the UK. These companies may be using technology to bring innovation to established industries or making ground-breaking advances in the treatment of common illnesses. Calculus has been investing in companies in thriving areas of the UK economy since 1999, and our approach has remained consistent – we back growing, entrepreneurial companies led by talented management teams.

We offer investment opportunities via our Calculus Knowledge Intensive EIS Fund, Calculus EIS Fund and Calculus VCT. All products invest in small, unquoted trading companies or companies listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Each scheme is designed to help smaller growing companies raise finance by offering a range of tax reliefs to investors who purchase new shares in those companies.

Maximum Investment£1,000,000 or £2,000,000 for Knowledge Intensive EIS Fund£200,000
Income Tax Relief30%30%
Holding Period3 years*5 years*
One Year Carry BackYesNo
DividendsTaxable (but not often paid)Exempt from tax
Capital Gains Tax (CGT)Gains exempt after three yearsGains exempt from tax
CGT deferral reliefYesNo
IHT Relief Yes**No
Loss Relief YesNo

*minimum holding period to retain tax reliefs

**If shares have been held for 2 years at the date of death they can be passed on to a beneficiary free from IHT

Investment Strategy for EIS and VCT

We invest in entrepreneurial businesses with growth potential, across the fastest growing sectors in the UK. The Calculus EIS Fund and Calculus VCT portfolio is focused around Technology, Healthcare and Entertainment. The Knowledge Intensive EIS Fund focuses on IP led businesses within Technology and Healthcare:


The UK is Europe’s number one technology nation, with tech VC investment third in the world, only behind the USA and China. This is largely due to world-class universities, a flexible labour market and investor capital supported by schemes such as EIS.

This hotbed of entrepreneurial activity and innovation presents a strong investment opportunity.

Within technology we predominantly look for companies providing software as a service (SaaS) to an already established client base.


The UK is in a good position to continue as world leaders in healthcare companies. With top universities, government R&D spend, charitable support and our National Health Service which is a unique institution, the sector is thriving and making significant input into worldwide development.

Within the healthcare sector we will predominantly look for companies within diagnostics, pharmaceutical services and drug discovery.

Entertainment (only in Calculus EIS Fund and Calculus VCT)

The UK is a global force in creating content for the screen industries, with world-class infrastructure and talent. UK creative content companies have an established track record of producing award winning, commercially successful films and television shows watched by millions worldwide and are ideally placed to benefit from this growth in content expenditure.

Calculus EIS

Tax free capital growth via the Calculus EIS Fund

Calculus Knowledge intensive EIS

Tax free capital growth via the Calculus Knowledge Intensive EIS Fund

Calculus VCT

Tax free income via the Calculus VCT

Looking for strategic support and financial backing?

Calculus Capital has over 20 years’ experience investing in small and medium sized companies. We pride ourselves on working in partnership with our investee companies, usually taking a seat on the board and providing advice on a strategic level – with the ultimate aim of realising the full potential of the business and its management. We invest across a variety of sectors, typically investing between £1m and £3m in entrepreneurial fast growing businesses that are UK based or have significant UK operations.

Financial Backing

We would be delighted to learn about your business and discuss whether Calculus could be a suitable investment partner

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We would be delighted to answer any queries you have. Please contact the Sales and Marketing team on 020 7493 4940.

Madeleine Ingram - Co-Head, Sales & Marketing – Calculus

Madeleine Ingram

Co-Head, Sales & Marketing

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Francesca Rayneau

Co-Head, Sales & Marketing

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Matthew Moynes

Sales & Marketing

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Oliver Warren

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