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Alternative Energy
Invested in:
Calculus EISs, Calculus VCT

Calculus Capital is the majority owner of Evoterra Ltd. Evoterra brings traditional and renewable energy under one umbrella.

Evoterra was incorporated on 17 December 2019, in order to purchase the entire share capital of Terrain and MicroEnergy, which occurred on 3 February 2020. Terrain and MicroEnergy still exist as wholly owned subsidiaries of Evoterra and carry out the same trade as previously undertaken.

The portfolio of oil and gas licences are held in Evoterra’s 100% owned subsidiary, Terrain Energy Limited.

The wind turbine fleet, which comprises of 138 small wind turbines, are held in Evoterra’s 100% owned subsidiary, MicroEnergy Generation Services Limited.

The creation of Evoterra optimises both companies’ assets, creating a larger company with diverse assets, transitioning to a focus on renewables.