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Tagomics launched in July 2020 as a spin-out from the University of Birmingham, to build upon the pivotal research led by Dr. Robert Neely, the company’s Chief Scientific Officer and Dr. Jack Kennefick, the company’s CEO. Tagomics has since developed a pioneering platform which seamlessly combines “omics” technologies, including genomics (detecting mutations), epigenomics (studying chemical ‘switches’ on the genome), and fragmentomics (the analysis of DNA fragmentation patterns in the blood). By integrating these methods and applying advanced data analysis and machine learning, the Tagomics platform can provide a 360° understanding of human health and disease. It aims to discover new markers of cancer and develop strategic partnerships, advancing drug development and therapy selection for patients.


The investment will accelerate Tagomics’ scientific research and product development, with the goal of delivering improvements in cancer and other diseases’ diagnosis and treatment